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What is HIFU? 

HIFU is a High Intensity Focused Ultrasound that penetrates the skin to depths that previously were only reachable via cosmetic surgery!

What does it do? 

The HIFU penetrates with low levels of heat to the inner layers of skin and initiates a gradual skin tightening and lifting effect that continues to tighten for months after treatment.

Face Skin Tightening

The development of HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) of FINESSE enables targeting the facial SMAS, the fan-shaped structure that covers the face and connects the facial muscles with the dermis. In facial procedures, the HIFU relies only on heat to achieve its effects on tissue

The goal is to elevate the local temperature to at least 65°C, the temperature at which collagen contraction begins to occur. HIFU causes discrete thermal coagulation points while sparing adjacent tissues. In addition to local coagulation, the application of heat causes collagen fibers become denatured and contract. 

This new collagen formation occurs within the areas of thermal tissue coagulation results in the tightening and lifting of sagging facial and neck skin and improvements in the appearance of wrinkles. 

Body Sculpting

HIFU provides a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction to remove unwanted fat in non-obese patients, using 2 cartridges of 1MHz to target different depths from 6mm to 9mm, allowing optimal body contouring. The new body sculpting technique is safe, causing minimal pain or side effects.

The high-energy ultrasound utilizes 1Mh transducers to deliver macro energy into subcutaneous fat to selectively remove fat cells. This innovative transducers achieves localized destruction of fat at precise tissue depths, without damaging the skin or surrounding tissues.

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