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Scars are unwanted marks on the skin after an injury to the face or body. When the thick and deep layer of your skin gets damaged, it forms scar marks to repair the wound. Usually, the wounds except the minor ones may lead to scarring up by some extent.

Some causes of scar marks:

  • Your body forms new collagen fibres for recovering the damage
  • The body produces high amount of collagen
  • The skin gets stretched quickly at the time of growth of spurts or pregnancy
  • It might take place due to infections, acne or chicken pox

Few symptoms of scars:

  • Scare might occur during tissue damage and seem as firm red to purple.
  • Scar marks get lighter in color overtime.
  • Scars can give you dull and ugly appearance.
  • The healing process of the skin may lead to scars.

There is usually no physical discomfort or pain with scars. You will find different options available such as laser treatment, steroid injection, and radiation that are used to get rid of scar marks. However, if the marks are large and located on the knees or elbows, it can have an effect on the mobility and there is no such treatment to remove these marks.

How to treat scar marks with ease