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Facial volume loss

Fuller, defined cheekbones and a stronger jaw line give you your defining facial structure. As you get older your face will lose volume naturally. The fluctuating hormones and natural oils present in the skin are reduced with age, and the body fails to produce enough hyaluronic acid that keep the skin moist, which leads to drier and thinner skin.

Causes for loss of facial volume

  • Too much exercise and diet can be the reason for extreme weight loss within a short time period.
  • Diminishing bone mass with age can lead to the loss of facial volume.
  • Direct and prolonged exposure to UV rays

Some symptoms of loss in facial volume

  • Deep and pronounced laugh lines
  • Sagging skin
  • Gaunt cheeks

Although we can completely halt the ageing process there are a number of treatments than can help prolong the youthfulness in your skin by restoring the volume to your face.

How you can avail treatment for facial volume loss