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With advancing age, most of us face similar problems like sagging skin on the face, decolletage and neck along with the unmistakable wrinkles. These problems arise because of low melanin production in the body.

RF of Radio Frequency Treatment is one of the most effective procedures to tighten loosened skin without undergoing any invasive treatment method or surgery. The procedure boosts collagen production and strengthens the skin structure. As a result, you lax skin around the eyes, forehead, mouth, cheeks, jowl and jawline get painlessly tightened. At our Knightsbridge Clinic Radio frequency skin Tightening treatment is performed to tighten your loosen skin without applying any surgery.

Other beneficial effects of RF therapy

  • It reduces the fine lines, enlarged pores and wrinkles
  • Promotes skin tone and texture
  • Changes the appearance of dull skin
  • Above everything else, it improves lymphatic drainage and blood circulations

How RF skin tightening works

  • As the first step to your treatment, our skilled expert will cleanse and exfoliate your skin before carrying out the Radio Frequency therapy.
  • During the actual treatment phase, hand-held conductors are used to generate electrical pulses.
  • These pulses are transferred to the dermis or the deepest layer of the skin, without affecting the top layers.
  • As a result, the local collagen fibres get contracted and new collagen formation is stimulated.

At Thus, your skin gets rejuvenated and looks fresher and younger. There is no downtime in this treatment and you can wear makeup right after the procedure gets over.

Radio frequency for the eyes and the lip area

A special head is used for these targeted body parts, which brings unbelievable results.

Duration of the treatment

At Knights Bridge Clinic, we usually prescribe a session of Radio Frequency per week, for a period of one and half months. After that, just follow up with a session a month to maintain the impressive results.

Radio Frequency treatment cost

At Knights Bridge Clinic, we offer the most reasonable cost for this cutting-edge aesthetic treatment. However, the exact cost can only be ascertained only after our expert diagnoses you thoroughly.

If you are ready to take advantages of RF (Radio Frequency) treatment then book an appointment at our Knightsbridge Clinic.

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