Have exercise and a healthy diet not given you the results you needed? Is there still some stubborn fat pockets on your hips and stomach? We have an effective and modern solution to your problem without making a single incision on your body.

At Knightsbridge clinic our cryo fat freeze treatment can redefine your body shape closer to your you always desired look. Be it your stomach, thighs, buttocks or upper arm, the procedure proves to be unique for each of them. It is a fat reduction technique opted by both men and women.

The right candidate for the treatment

In general, Cryolipolysis or coolsculpt therapy is suitable for almost everyone; however there are still some conditions that need to be met for a suitable candidate before the procedure.

If you want to undergo the treatment, you must be in good health. Your body weight should not be much higher than your recommended weight for your age and height. Most important factor is that you must not be overweight.

Besides this, any health issue discussed during your consultation will be addressed by our experienced medical professionals at the clinic.

Why choose Knightsbridge Clinic?

Knightsbridge Clinic is a reputed medical centre working with a team of experts dedicated to offering the best aesthetic solution during CoolSculpting process for your body.

  • We have qualified and experienced professionals.
  • We offer customised treatments, considering the patient’s individual needs and desire.
  • We do not initiate a treatment without a consultation session to design a full-proof plan based on your medical conditions and expectations.

How fat freeze treatment process works?

During this procedure, your stubborn fat cells are destroyed using a non-invasive cooling therapy. A suction machine is placed over the treatment area and the extra fat cells are collected which are then frozen at a specific temperature. The targeted cells get crystalised and are finally destructed with the constant cooling. The dead fat cells are flushed out through your metabolic system.

You might come across situations when a balanced diet and regular workouts couldn’t prevent the accumulation of fat cells in specific areas of your body. Once you undergo the treatment of cryo fat freeze, your body will continue to destroy the forming fat cells for 4-6 months. As such, it is considered as the best alternative to fat loss for people having stubborn fat cells around their belly, thighs, upper arm or back.


You may be interested to know these answers before booking a consultation at Knightsbridge Clinic for Cryolipolysis or Fat freeze Treatment.

No, the process is completely non-invasive and as such, no needles are used during the treatment.

A single session takes 45 minutes on an average. The total time depends on the number of areas treated.

The results are not permanent but can be long-, as long as you continue to live a healthy life style. Results vary from person to person.

A pregnant women or one who is breastfeeding is not a suitable candidate for the treatment.

It depends on the number of areas treated. We recommend a single session per area.

No, there are no special precautions to take before your treatment.

You will start seeing changes in your body shape after 2-3 weeks of the treatment.

You can continue with your regular schedule right after completion of the procedure.

No, the process doesn’t require any anaesthesia.

No, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort; however, there are cases when people feel numbness in the treatment area.

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