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Diode Laser Hair Removal

Feeling embarrassed and irritated due to unwanted hair growth? At Laser Clinic, we provide you with a permanent solution that is safe, effective and fast by using the latest technology so you feel and look the best. Say good bye to those painful waxing appointments, razor burns and nicks on the leg. Our hair removal technique is an innovative method to get rid of unwanted hair from the body. You can now save valuable money and time on short term treatments.

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Popular Diode Laser Hair Removal System

  • Apex 800
  • SLP 100
  • Laserlite
  • Epistar
  • F1 Diode
  • MeDioStar
  • Light Sheer

How Diode Laser Hair Removal works?

Diode lasers follow the principle of selective photothermolysis for targeting some chromophores in the skin, which is usually blood or melanin. The lasers cause damage to the chromophores with heating and leaving other tissues uninjured. At the time of treating your unwanted hair, the melanin in hair follicles is being damaged that leads to the disruption of hair growth and regeneration. A diode laser can be complemented with cooling technology, or other pain reduction procedures that can improve the efficacy of the treatment and provide comfort to patients.

What are the benefits of Diode Laser Hair Removal?

  • The longer wavelength provides better results for dark skin types
  • Deeper and safer penetration into the skin layer
  • Large areas of your skin can be treated quickly
  • Lessened risk of the damage caused to epidermis
  • Absolutely pain free method when compared to waxing or threading

Why choose diode laser hair removal?

  • Easy and quicker process
  • Suitable for all kinds of skin
  • Less discomfort due to cooling before, during and after the procedure
  • Permanent destruction of follicle

Diode Laser Hair Removal at Laser Clinic

Our qualified experts use latest equipments for Diode Laser Hair Removal. Your skin type, hair and colour are taken into consideration when determining the kind of treatment and the number of sessions you need to perform with us.

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